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Night Terrors

Song List

  • Neverending - Bob Marquee
  • For All We Have - Lystera
  • Messiah Love - The Freejacks
  • Seventy Six Secrets - Georgia Winfrey
  • The Great Pillar of Salt - Aldergrove
  • Memory Or Not - Claire Redwood
  • Beams of Light - Severant Grey
  • All Soldered - Wellington Free Market
  • Smokestack - Friends of Friends
  • Mixed Emotions - Ahab Fraught
  • Lighthouse - Four Poor SoulsĀ 
  • Crux - Mastery
  • Ego - Buried
  • Carnival of Rain - Yellowknife
  • Listless While - Virginia Treadfast
  • Many Other Sorrows - White Hot Heaven
  • Open Mirror - Eleven Lions
  • Stood Up - Whalestone
  • Nevertheless - Colin Brilliard
  • Forty and Some Odd - EGK
  • Sun Drums - Emily Watson
  • Another Fine Morning - Golden Tapes

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